Project Based Learning — DISCOVERY Course in Dubai, UAE

Immerse yourself in project-based learning in the city of the future - Dubai

Project-Based Learning ‘Discovery’ Course in Dubai

THINK Leaning Studio production.

By the design team of the Award Winning Changemaker Curriculum. 


Location: Dubai, UAE

Dates: Wednesday 1st May  – Friday 3rd May 2024

Unleash the Power of Project-Based Learning: The THINK Learning Studio Discovery Course


Fully Accredited by the Academy of Leadership and Management. 


Course Overview:

Embark on a transformative journey into Project-Based Learning (PBL) with THINK Learning Studio’s Discovery Workshop—now globally accessible and professionally accredited by the Academy of Leadership and Management. This isn’t just another training course; it’s your gateway to revolutionizing how you engage students in meaningful, real-world learning experiences.

Become a Mentor, Not Just a Teacher:

Shift your role from traditional educator to empowering mentor. Guide your students as they build a comprehensive process portfolio, craft tangible products, and deliver compelling public presentations.

Why Dubai, UAE?

Experience this immersive professional development training in the heart of Dubai, a city that epitomizes real-world challenges and opportunities. It’s the perfect backdrop for a hands-on, place-based learning course.

What You’ll Gain:

  • Learning Target Options: Tailor your teaching approach to meet diverse learning objectives.
  • Context of Place: Understand how the local environment can enrich your students’ projects.
  • Project Building & Design: Master crafting engaging and educational projects.
  • Assessment & Reflection: Learn practical strategies for evaluating the process and the result.
  • Headrush, the TGS Learning Management System: Get hands-on experience with our state-of-the-art LMS designed for PBL.
  • Analyze Successful PBL Projects: Study real-world examples to understand what makes a PBL project genuinely impactful.
  • Curriculum Integration: Seamlessly weave PBL concepts into your existing lesson plans.

The PBL Advantage:

Discover the transformative benefits of PBL, from heightened student engagement to enhanced critical thinking and problem-solving skills.


Course Details That Matter

Duration & Structure:

Unlock the power of Project-Based Learning in just three days. The course includes minor online prep tasks and an intensive three-day program.

Your Expert Guides:

THINK Learning Studio partners with the Academy of Leadership and Management, global educators, and schools to craft multidisciplinary learning experiences that matter. Our seasoned team has led transformative educational programs worldwide, including the groundbreaking and award-winning “Changemaker” curriculum at THINK Global School.

Certification & Recognition:

Complete the Discovery Course and earn a certificate from THINK Learning Studio. Want more? There is also accreditation from the Academy of Leadership and Management.

Just drop us an email for details.

Meals & More:

There are inclusive lunches and light refreshments to keep you fueled throughout the day.

Early Bird Special:

Seize the moment! Secure your spot now and take advantage of our early bird rate at just USD 750.


Regular Price:

Starting 1 March 2024, the regular price will be USD 900. Act now to secure your spot and enjoy substantial savings!



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