Future Leaders & Innovators Program

Introducing “FLIP”, our revolutionary one-year global incubator program designed for learners seeking a transformative academic and cultural experience. With an option of a second year for invited students.

Ready to dive into the world’s coolest cities and tackle the future today? Starting November 2023, we’re bringing you face-to-face with game-changing topics like Urban Design & Placemaking and Tech-Frontiers & Innovation. And we’re not stopping there—get excited for new 2024 modules in Environmental Systems & Biomimicry and Digital Networks & Money Mechanics. Our Future Leaders and Innovators Program isn’t just another course; it’s your launchpad to becoming a visionary leader. Keep an eye out for our 2024 virtual courses, taking educational innovation to the next level. Don’t just learn—transform your future with us.

2023-2024 Program: Urban Design Transformation

Step into the future of urban design education with our opening track, “Urban Design,” built by THINK Learning Studio, URB, and Project You. Together, we offer a unique opportunity for students to engage with Dubai’s urban planning evolution. Envision and learn alongside a city shaped by visionary planners and developers, empowering yourselves with the essential skills and knowledge to become a future architect, urban design planner, futurist, or visualization expert.

Key Information for Prospective Learners:

  • VIP Opening and Launch: Thursday, April 18th
  • Taster Class Date: Saturday, April 20th
  • Location: Dubai Futures Academy, Emirates Towers
  • Partners: Project You, Dubai Future Foundation
  • Eligibility: Current Grades 10-12


  • AED 7,770.00 Per Studio per Term

Reserve Your Space: Project You Payment Gateway

Term Schedule:

  • Term 1: Saturday April 20th to Saturday June 22nd
  • Term 2: Saturday September 21st to Saturday December  7th
  • Term 3: Saturday 13th January to Saturday March 9th

What You Get:

  • Go beyond the classroom with THINK Global School’s unique project-based learning framework, featuring the TGS Design Scramble© and Portfolio-Based Learning.
  • Join us for seven intensive Saturdays at the prestigious Dubai Future Academy, each session expertly crafted to deepen your expertise.
  • Receive ongoing virtual support throughout the week from a dedicated team of seasoned professionals and industry experts, guiding you at every step.
  • Gain insights from industry-leading guest speakers, including experts from URB and other fields, to enrich your educational journey.
  • Show off your new skills at a public showcase event, giving you a platform to shine and receive valuable feedback.
  • Broaden your professional circle by connecting with like-minded students from across the region, unlocking doors to future collaborations and opportunities.
  • Access to Headrush Learning, a learning management platform built specifically for learner-centered schools, project-based programs, and competency-based education.


Sign up for our December Taster Classes here:

Annual Tracks

Sample Modules

Our Global Hubs

At THINK Learning Studio, we are proud to offer our groundbreaking Future Leaders and Innovators Program across global hubs in both Dubai and Singapore, as well as a virtual option, providing greater accessibility and flexibility.

Virtual Hub

(COMING 2024) Unlock your potential wherever you are with THINK Learning Studio’s groundbreaking Future Leaders and Innovators Program, soon to be launched virtually. Alongside our established global hubs in Dubai and Singapore, our virtual platform offers unprecedented accessibility and flexibility. Inquire today to explore embarking on an supplementary program and educational journey that transcends traditional boundaries, and take the first step toward shaping a more inclusive and dynamic future. We aim to launch this program in both Mandarin and English.

Singapore Hub

(COMING 2024) Our Singapore hub, situated in a city renowned for its dedication to education and cutting-edge technology, offers students an immersive learning experience. Singapore’s commitment to sustainable urban development and digital innovation aligns with our interdisciplinary curriculum, making it an inspiring location for both the Summer Program and THINK Forward.

Dubai Hub

At THINK Learning Studio, we are proud to introduce our groundbreaking Future Leaders and Innovators Program, available at our global hub located in Emirates Towers at the Dubai Future Academy. Here, learners engage in a unique educational experience, utilizing 3D-printed classrooms as their learning space. Our inaugural cohort will commence on Saturday, November 4, at this prestigious hub in Dubai.

Reserve your space.

The Venue – Emirates Towers, Dubai Future Academy.

How can our FLIP Program help you?

For Students

  • Discover Project-Based Learning
  • Immerse yourself in topics like Urban Design and AI
  • Learn from visionary industry experts and city planners
  • Build essential portfolio skills and knowledge
  • Enhance your expertise in Futures and Foresight
  • Empower yourself to lead innovative teams


For School

  • Supplement Classroom Learning with Hands-On, Real-World Projects
  • Expose Students to Advanced Topics Not Covered in Standard Curricula
  • Offer Students Mentorship Opportunities with Industry Experts and City Planners
  • Enhance Student Portfolios with Skills and Projects That Stand Out
  • Equip Students with Future-Ready Skills in Foresight and Innovation
  • Empower Students to Become Leaders, Benefiting Classroom Dynamics and Long-Term Success

Our Facilitators

Our Guest Speakers and Mentors

Our Partners

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