“Some beautiful paths can’t be discovered without getting lost.” - Erol Ozan

Creative Consultant

Carlos Echeverry

Let’s Meet Carlos!

Simply put, Carlos is passionate about tackling social challenges through education, building off of his BA in Economics from Los Andes University and a Diploma in Pedagogy and Leadership from the same university.

He loves to teach.

And Carlos equally loves to bring ideas to life as an entrepreneur while connecting deeply with people and the infinitely multicultural ways of living and thinking.

As an Instructional Designer with a focus on PBL and multi-cultural contexts, he has rich experience coaching K-12 students, teachers, and adults as a mentor and educator at THINK Global School, Teach for Colombia, and Mentors4U.

Carlos is the co-founder of two education start-ups: 1) Co•School, an Ed-Tech company focused on social-emotional learning and teacher training in Latam; and 2) KIDU, an after-school center in Bogotá. Recently, he designed and managed coding boot camps for Generation.org, founded by McKinsey & Company.

He is a coffee fan who believes that good things in life take time, dedication, and passion. This is true for education processes and for brewing a good cup of coffee!


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