Helping Students and Schools Think Like Futurists

November 10, 2022 / 5 min. read

How do you help young people (and school colleagues) think about the future?

Like most schools, the ‘future’ is regularly discussed.

But it is less often that we rigorously train in ‘foresight strategies’ or how to think ‘like a futurist’.

This is something that is on our minds a lot.

And an area we’re trying to deep dive into. We’re doing this by:

  • seeking professional mentors
  • taking foresight courses
  • reading future-facing books of all kinds
  • partnering with futurists
  • experimenting across fields

How about you?

What are you exploring? What are you doing?

One recent example for us:

Our TLS team recently attended the first-ever Dubai Futures Summit at the Museum of the Future.

There we joined 400 of the world’s leading futurists coming from every field and industry imaginable. It was awe-inspiring in so many ways.

Our time together was not about ‘predicting’ the future.

Instead, we came together to share best practices with one shared goal: help others become ‘response-able’ to the constantly changing dynamics unfolding around us.

We returned from this ground-breaking experience deepening our commitment to helping young people (and our fellow educators) ‘think like futurists’.

This means helping them:

  • translate trends/signals
  • develop multi-layered scenarios
  • foster adaptive skillsets

…no matter what comes next.

Plus, we’re just excited to help others expand their imaginations and possibilities.

And have an amazing time doing it.

Our team will be launching some amazing ‘education’ meets ‘foresight’ and ‘futures’ based collaborations in the year ahead.

[Can’t wait to share more ‘soon’]

Meanwhile, we’d love to hear what you’re exploring on the futures front.

If you’d like to collaborate with us on ways to foster ‘Futures Thinking’ with young people (and fellow educators), comment here or reach out directly to us at


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