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Shaping the Future of Education

About the Podcast

At the THINK Beyond Podcast, we’re your gateway to a world where education knows no bounds. Our mission is simple yet profound: to reimagine learning, foster innovation, and empower educators and learners alike. We believe in providing fresh perspectives that inspire change and shape the future of education.


In an ever-evolving educational landscape, we understand the imperative of embracing change and transformation. That’s why we’ve embarked on this journey, challenging norms, disrupting traditional paradigms, and setting a new course for the future of education.

Through insightful discussions, expert interviews, and dynamic conversations, we aim to inspire change and empower you with the knowledge and inspiration needed to navigate the ever-expanding horizons of learning. Welcome to the THINK Beyond Podcast, where education knows no bounds.

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Meet The Team

  • Russell Cailey

    Russell Cailey


    Russell Cailey isn’t just an educator; he’s an innovator on a mission to transform education. With a global perspective and a passion for change, Russell guides you through the world of THINK Beyond Podcast. His expertise in education innovation and foresight ensures engaging conversations that push the boundaries of learning. Join Russell for discussions that inspire transformation in the future of education.

  • Zoya Abbas

    Zoya Abbas


    Meet Zoya Abbas, a molecular bioscience major with a talent for connecting cultures and communities. Her academic curiosity and significant social media following of nearly 300,000 make her the perfect host for engaging discussions that dive deep into a variety of subjects. Join Zoya for conversations that promise to inform and inspire.

  • Seb Olsen

    Seb Olsen


    Meet Seb Olsen, our Amsterdam-based Podcast Producer. With a diverse background in tech and a passion for the future, Seb brings a wealth of knowledge to our team. His experience in web applications, AI, and innovation management enriches our podcast content. Join us as we explore the future of education with Seb as your dedicated producer.

    For guest inquiries contact Seb at

The First Episode: Shaping the Future of Education (Teaser)

Our inaugural episode offers a tantalizing glimpse into the captivating discussions and transformative ideas that lie ahead. In this special teaser, we’re joined by exceptional guests who provide unique perspectives on the future of education, innovation, and empowerment.

Meet Our Guests:

  • Reem Al Mosabbeh: A trailblazing Emirati tech entrepreneur, startup mentor, and youth empowerment advocate.
  • Russell Cailey: A visionary in education, challenging norms and advocating for innovation.
  • Abdul Matheen: A humanitarian and visionary known for finding innovative solutions to challenges.
  • Raya Bidshahri: Founder of School of Humanity, recognized globally for her impact on education.

Teaser Insights:

In this teaser episode, we offer a taste of the transformative conversations to come in our full podcast series, exclusively available through our upcoming membership subscription. Get ready for enlightening discussions about interdisciplinary learning, project-based education, and innovative teaching strategies that will reshape the way you think about education. Stay tuned for the full series release.

Podcast Series Preview: What to Expect

  • Join THINK Beyond on a transformative journey through education and innovation. Explore diverse topics with expert guests, from interdisciplinary learning to project-based education, reshaping global education.
  • Expect thought-provoking discussions that challenge norms and inspire fresh perspectives. Discover emerging trends and innovative approaches shaping education.
  • Get inspired, informed, and engaged as we actively shape the future of education. Join our odyssey, navigate modern learning complexities, and redefine the possibilities in education.

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