“Shape Your Future” : The Foresight Lab

Where students, educators, entrepreneurs, and professionals creatively analyze emerging trends to purposefully and creatively shape the future.

Foresight is about noticing signals and scenario design, not predicting the future.

It is a powerful mindset and toolkit for young minds and adult mentors, as well as problem solvers and creatives of all types.

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In Our Events in New York, Medellin, Singapore, and Beyond — Foresight Lab is an Immersive Lab Exploring Future Scenarios with Students, Educators, Entrepreneurs, and Community Partners

These events delve into future scenarios, blending educational and entrepreneurial insights. The lab’s unique approach is tailored for students, educators, and professionals. Its interactive format encourages exploration across disciplines, nurturing foresight and critical thinking skills. This global initiative fosters a community of forward-thinkers, making it a hub for innovation and learning.


THINK Learning Studio is proud to be a member of the Association of Professional Futurists.

Our initial partnerships focus is on three elements:

  • a custom-built, one or two-year-long program designed to support international career-related programs with school leadership.
  • strategic ‘discover-and-design’ challenges that can be experienced as single events or as an entire series of experiences with our entrepreneurial partners.
  • advanced professional development for educators and professionals interested in expanding their ‘Foresight’ practices with our ‘Foresight in Leadership’, ‘Foresight in Sustainability’, and ‘Deep-Dive’ courses.
Part 01

TLS Foresight Lab: Time-Traveler’s Bootcamp for Beginners


Welcome to the TLS Foresight Lab: Your Two-Day Journey into the Future!

Embark on a comprehensive journey into foresight at the TLS Foresight Lab, designed for those keen on shaping the future.


Day One: Fast-Track to Futures Thinking

Explore the essentials of futures thinking, engage in interactive foresight exercises, and apply these in real-world contexts for transformative thinking.


Day Two: Shaping Tomorrow, Today

Discover your influence on the future, analyze critical future themes, and work collaboratively on sustainable solutions for emerging challenges.

Gain advanced foresight skills and prepare to lead in a rapidly evolving world with the TLS Foresight Lab.

Part 02

Foresight Adventure Bytes: Power-Up Your Business & Schools


Discover the Foresight Funhouse: Bite-Sized Adventures into Tomorrow’s World!

Introducing our Foresight Rapid Industry Modules, a series of engaging, compact learning experiences designed to launch you into the future!

These mini-modules are creatively tailored to challenge and expand your perspectives, offering a playful yet profound learning journey in your industry.


Rapid Experiences: Your Ticket to move into the Future

Sample Quests

“Can We Predict Tomorrow?” – Test your foresight skills.

“Multiverse of Industries” – Explore diverse industry futures.

“Strategic Treasure Hunt” – Identify and navigate opportunities and threats.

“Foresight Fanatics” – Cultivate a foresight-driven culture in your organization.

“Align and Conquer” – Integrate foresight with your strategic goals.

“Success Stories” – Learn from real foresight successes in business and education.

“Foresight Fusion” – Merge foresight into organizational culture and planning.


Join the Foresight Funhouse & Conquer the Future

Equip yourself for tomorrow with our engaging Rapid Industry Modules. Reach out to us for customizing these modules to your unique needs, propelling your team to excel into a constantly evolving world

Part 03

Advanced Foresight Champions: Empowering Leaders & Eco-Innovators


Foresight Academy for Leaders 

Join our Foresight Academy to develop strategic foresight and sustainability skills. Tailored for leaders and eco-advocates, our courses provide tools and strategies for tackling global challenges and promoting green initiatives.

Enhance decision-making with strategic foresight, tackle global issues, align foresight with your vision, and learn from successful leaders.


Foresight for Sustainability

Develop sustainability strategies, integrate eco-friendly decisions, learn from business case studies, assess emerging eco-trends, and create sustainable roadmaps.

Embark on an exciting journey to shape a sustainable future with our Foresight Academy. Contact us for course details and enrollment.

Part 04

“Mars Landing”: Building a Sustainable Colony – Design Sprint for Educators and Students


“Mars Landing” Workshops – Igniting a Passion for STEAM in Schools

Are you seeking a distinctive and engaging experience to motivate students or professionals to consider careers in STEM? Our “Mars Landing” workshops offer just that.

We have meticulously designed these workshops, which can be conducted in-person or virtually and span one or two days, to immerse participants in the thrilling realm of Mars exploration and colonization. Learn about mission planning, launch and landing procedures, and traverse the Martian surface just as the Perseverance Rover did.

Participants will take the reins of their own Mars mission in an interactive, hands-on experience that delves into the intricacies of Mars exploration while honing valuable STEM skills.

Our “Mars Landing” workshops are ideal for educators and professionals seeking to broaden their knowledge and inspire their students to pursue STEM careers. This unparalleled experience is guaranteed to kindle a passion for space exploration and STEM in all attendees.

Don’t miss the chance to encourage the next generation of scientists and engineers. Contact us today to discover more about our “Mars Landing” workshops.

Join us for virtual or in-person experiences

  • Course

Odyssey Course for Educators

Building off the essential knowledge, skills, and concepts from our Discovery Course, you’ll go deeper into the core tools and methodologies of Project Based Learning while introducing new areas to focus on.

  • Course

Deep Dive Courses for Educators

For teachers who have completed our Discovery and Odyssey Courses, Deep Dive Courses cover special topics in Project Based Learning and give you over 100 cumulative hours of training.

  • Jun 23 2024
  • Hakuba, Japan

Hakuba Festival of Learning

Calling all educators, lifelong learners and changemakers! The Hakuba Forum Festival is your chance to dive deep to…

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