Hakuba Forum 2024: Schools as Hubs of Happiness | Hakuba, Japan (Invite Only)

A Gathering of Visionary School Leaders

Hakuba Forum 2024: Schools as Hubs of Happiness

Hakuba, Japan – June 20-23, 2024

The Hakuba Forum is a gathering of leaders who want to think differently about not only the methods but the very purpose of school. Our first gathering, in March 2023, explored what schools would look like if they prioritized the well-being of both people and the planet. 40 leaders from 10 countries, leading schools and systems serving thousands of learners, spent four transformative days together in the beautiful Japanese mountain town of Hakuba, connecting and developing ideas.


In 2024, we’ll build on this focus with the theme “Schools as Hubs of Happiness.”

Co-hosted once again by the teams from Think Learning Studio, Hakuba International School and UWC Atlantic College, we’ll explore strategies for schools to become places where people flourish. We’ll explore new and innovative methods, like systems thinking, happiness and innovation, and expolore exemplary schools and programs. Most importantly, we’ll connect as leaders and educators in open and honest spaces where we can discuss vision and obstacles and form closer bonds to support our shared efforts.

This gathering is by invitation only and is kept intentionally small: 50 participants for the Retreat portion during the first two days, growing to 150 participants for the Festival portion on the latter two days. To learn more, visit our website here, and for more on the teams leading this event, visit Think Learning Studio and Hakuba International School.


Accommodation Suggestion:

Please Note — This year, accommodation is the responsibility of the delegate.

For your convenience, we recommend the Mominoki Hotel (as a potential accommodation during your stay).  To reserve, please call or contact the hotel directly and quote ‘HAKUBA FORUM’ for their special rate.


Their special rates for our event attendees are as follows:

  • June 20th, 21st, 23rd: JPY 13,150 per person
  • June 22nd: JPY 15,150 per person


Mominoki Hotel Address

4683-2 Wadano, Hakuba Nagano 399-9301 Japan


Note: While the Mominoki Hotel is our suggestion, there are other accommodation options available in the area.

With gratitude and optimism,
Hakuba Forum Team
  • Akiko Horii (Director, Hakuba International School)
  • Chris Balme (Principal, Hakuba International School)
  • Emi Takemura (Co-founder, Learn by Creation & FutureEdu)
  • Raïsa Mirza (Head of Social Impact Initiatives, UWC Atlantic College)
  • Russell Cailey (Managing Director, Think Learning Studio)
  • Tomoko Kusamoto (Founder & Director, Hakuba International School)








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