THINK Learning Studio designs the conditions for real-world learning in every classroom, school, and community in the world.

Our Vision

By collaborating with school leaders and educators around the world, we design dynamic real-world learning models which seek to empower today’s learners to make purposeful impact in the future.


We believe the way we learn affects the world we live in.

We believe in the power of teachers and schools to creatively catalyze students’ real-world learning journeys by genuinely investing in every student’s natural curiosity, evolving passions, and ability to make a positive impact in the world.

We created THINK Learning Studio to help every educator, school and learning network foster the mindset and conditions to help every student take the next step on their unique, real-world learning journey.

To live up to these beliefs, we hold the following ideals to be critical to all that we do:

Step out of your place

Life is an expedition.

Keep exploring.

Be in control of your own learning

Trust your curiosity.

Uncover possibilities right where you are.

Follow your questions

Ask, “Why?” Follow up with, “Tell me more.”

Listen with curiosity & empathy.

Explore like a first-time traveler

Honor the privilege of being an outsider.

Understand how others know & seek to know.

Value not knowing

Experiment. Make mistakes. Then reflect.

Make more mistakes. Keep reflecting. Repeat.

Embrace being an apprentice

Start anew every chance you can.

Find guides & mentors. Follow their lead.

A passion project meets a passion
for projects.


It Started as a Traveling High School

THINK Learning Studio began at THINK Global School, the only
traveling high school of its kind in the world.

We facilitated a diverse array of interdisciplinary learning projects for a global cohort of students living and learning in four countries a year for three years.

This rigorous approach to PBL became our Changemaker Curriculum: a place-based, challenge-based approach to education that sparks curiosity while emphasizing critical thinking and STEAM skills.

Our students thrived within the Changemaker Curriculum, becoming curious and compassionate global citizens who went on to attend top universities and begin dynamic and exciting careers.

Educators at other learning institutions began asking about our methodologies—and what started as a knowledge share quickly became a comprehensive program of trainings and consulting for educators and schools worldwide.

Meet Our Team

We are teachers and travelers, educators and explorers, creatives and builders, administrators and activists, all with one shared commitment:


Bring Project-Based Learning to all students, everywhere.


We hold degrees in education from top universities and have been honored with teaching awards from top institutions—but more importantly, we’ve spent thousands of hours facilitating interdisciplinary learning projects for students around the world.

  • Russell Cailey

    CEO & Co-Founder

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  • Chung Man Chan

    Managing Director & Co-Founder

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  • Seb Olsen

    Web Designer & Podcast Producer

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  • Abdelrahman (Bido) Hafrag

    AI & Web Developer

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  • María Diaz de León

    PBL Course Developer

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  • Zoya Abbas

    Experience & Social Lead

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