"Once you’ve been exposed to the radioactivity of change, you can’t help but become a changemaker”.

PBL Course Developer

María Diaz de León

Let’s Meet María!

María serves as a Mexico, Central & South American Creative Consultant for THINK Learning Studio. She is also one of THINK Global School’s amazing alumni, having graduated with the class of 2020.

After graduating high school, María was invited to be an intern educator with a focus on facilitating learning for new generations by focusing on the student perspective. Now, as part of the studio’s international team, she helps to lead the creation of learning content and facilitating in-person courses in the LATAM region.

María is currently pursuing a BA in Psychology from the Technological University of Mexico, while also taking additional online courses based on a diverse of passions. This includes the Harvard University ‘Tangible Things’ course to explore how material objects have shaped academic disciplines as well as how they reinforce / challenge boundaries between people. She’s looking forward to enrolling in other courses regarding neuroscience and education.

María was born in colorful Mexico City. She loves cooking, playing the uke, and learning about animal navigation. During her free time, you will find María watching a movie or documentary. Or maybe you will find her doing research on a random thing she discovered while doing research on another random thing she discovered earlier. She is also incredibly curious about biomimicry and the power of the ancient genius: mother nature.

Her life goals?

  1. Owning a self-sustainable farm, which will also be a bee study center and refuge.
  2. Owning an organic vegetarian restaurant where all ingredients will come from that farm.
  3. Design an artistic expression therapy space on the farm where people can interact with her dog, cat, and horse.

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