"Education should be a journey of self-discovery and empowerment, where every student finds their voice and every teacher fosters growth and innovation."

Strategic Consultant

Ebony Moncrief

Let’s Meet Ebony!

Ebony MonCrief is a dynamic strategic education consultant with a rich background in both the arts and education. Originally from Birmingham, Alabama, Ebony has been a prominent figure in Melbourne’s spoken word scene since 2013. She blends her personal history into her storytelling, most notably in her stage play Poetic License, and her performance at the Australian National Poetry Slam Finals in 2014.

Ebony’s career in education is equally impressive. She served as a classroom teacher at Parkville College and was a full-time educator at THINK Global School. Her diverse professional background also includes roles in sales and marketing with Shaw Industries, where she excelled in consultative sales and client education.

Ebony’s unique blend of artistic expression and educational expertise allows her to craft innovative and impactful learning experiences, making her an invaluable asset in transforming educational landscapes.


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