"Embrace the Uncharted: True innovation paints its own trailblazing journey without a blueprint."

Managing Director & Co-Founder

Chung Man Chan

Let’s Meet Chung Man Chan!

Chung Man is the Chief Content Officer of THINK Learning Studio and a global nomad. She is a creative solutions mentor for international educators looking to expand their Project Based Learning projects and Futures Thinking strategies.

Chung Man grew up in Sydney, Australia and studied at the University of Sydney and the University of New South Wales, before working in an elite bilingual school in Hong Kong. She is a current International Baccalaureate examiner and expert in Project Based Learning.

As the former Lead Educational Developer at THINK Global School she has developed dynamic place-based visual arts projects, service-learning projects, and interdisciplinary Project Based Learning projects across Europe, the Americas, Asia and Africa. Through first-hand experience in over 1500 PBL projects, Chung Man can attest to the increased student engagement and academic rigor that the model encourages, preparing young people for the opportunities of a rapidly-changing future.

Chung Man is community advocate who is deeply invested in the success of the local communities she lives in. She love connecting with people who are doing the same! Chung Man is committed to global citizenship, having travelled to over 110 countries. Her exposure to human geography and human stories has manifested in a range of holistic curriculums and syllabi focusing on innovations in creative education.

Chung Man’s “I am, because of you” Unbutu spirit is contagious, igniting curiosity for people around her to fall in love with learning and make the world a kinder place. The love for her two adorable guinea pigs has led her to become a semiprofessional guinea pig expert.

On the weekends, you will find Chung Man surf-skating around Singapore with a smile on her face.




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