"Education is not just about gaining knowledge; it's about igniting curiosity, encouraging diversity, and promoting global understanding."

Experience & Social Lead

Zoya Abbas

Let’s Meet Zoya!

Zoya Abbas is an international creative, who has embarked on a journey of academic exploration and digital influence. After graduating from Think Global School in 2022, she is currently a dual degree at Duke University and Duke Kunshan University, based in China. Passionate about understanding life at its most fundamental levels, Zoya is pursuing a major in molecular bioscience with a specialized track in cell and molecular biology, where she had the opportunity to experience diverse cultural landscape. On her social media platforms, where she currently has a following of nearly 300,000 followers, where she explores her life and education among many other things. Her digital presence has facilitated social media expansion, providing her firsthand experience in harnessing the power of digital platforms.


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