Odyssey Course for Educators

Building off the essential knowledge, skills, and concepts from our Discovery Course, you’ll go deeper into the core tools and methodologies of Project Based Learning while introducing new areas to focus on.

Odyssey Course for Educators

Advanced Facilitation and Project Design Skills

Immerse in our Odyssey Workshop, a comprehensive course specifically designed for more seasoned PBL educators. Inspired by our origins at THINK Global School, we put you in the shoes of a PBL student, helping you craft hands-on project plans that can be immediately implemented. Drawing from our vast experience of over 1500 PBL projects across 12 countries and online platforms, we share proven resources and processes. Discover how PBL pedagogy heightens academic rigour and enriches student learning.

We are delighted that the Institute of Leadership and Management fully accredits our Odyssey course.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Building off the essential knowledge, skills and concepts that underpin successful teaching of Project Based Learning systems from the Discovery Course, the Odyssey Course will introduce the topics of student evidence and assessment within the process portfolio.
  • Additionally, educators are guided to make better evidence-based project direction and school strategy decisions. Finally, developing solid teacher-led projects becomes a key focus of this course along with skill-building in virtual and blended learning environments as an essential feature of 21st century project work.

Skills You’ll Acquire:

  • How to teach PBL in both a hybrid and blended format, maintaining both purposeful rigor and genuine engagement.
  • How to guide appropriate student goal setting which is embedded within the project cycle.
  • How to mentor genuine student ‘voice and choice’ while building relevant feedback cycles that encourage student and project development.
  • How to develop personalized and agile assessment practices and rubrics, along with protocols for public feedback.

Sample Schedule

Day 1

Seeing through the eyes of a student

  • Creative group challenge
  • Topic: aligning Driving Questions with student passion
  • Topic: goal-setting and resource allocation
  • Topic: the mentor’s role(s).
  • Creative group exercise

Day 2

Guiding goals and progress

  • Topic: creative group challenge
  • Topic: aligning student evidence with educator feedback
  • Topic: fostering audiences and audience feedback
  • Topic: student reflection to update targets / goals
  • Creative group exercise

Day 3

Working in a Hybrid World

  • Creative group challenge
  • Topic: collaborative, multi-disciplinary educator strategies and practices
  • Topic: partnering with outside experts and organizations
  • Topic: creating outside advisory teams to guide student exploration
  • Topic: stretching project boundaries beyond the classroom
  • Creative group challenge

Day 4

All In: Teams and Schools

  • Creative group challenge
  • Topic: developing collaborative team and all-school PBL strategies
  • Topic: strategic partnerships with outside organizations
  • Topic: reflection process for collaborative teams
  • Final presentations and feedback
  • Happy hour and dinner hosted by THINK Learning Studio

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No matter your resources or context, we’ll work together to shape a unique project-based learning culture centered on what makes your learning community one of a kind.

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