TLS-X Lab: Empowering Learners, Shaping Futures

At THINK Learning Studio, we believe in empowering students to shape their educational journey. Our TLS-X Lab is the embodiment of this belief. Designed as an innovative hub, TLS-X Lab is where we concentrate on our student-facing projects.

This unique space encourages experimentation, fosters creativity, and catalyzes active learning.

Here, we not only focus on the development of new educational models, but also place our students at the forefront, ensuring they have an active role in their learning process.

From ideation to implementation, our students play a crucial part in every stage of our projects. TLS-X Lab embodies our commitment to transformative education and our dedication to preparing students for the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century.

Welcome to the future of learning.

Young Founders for Good

Step into Young Founders for Good, a dynamic collaboration with the Peter Jones Foundation (PJF), offering the premier incubator program for emergent leaders dedicated to creating sustainable social ventures. Over a transformative journey, participants will engage with advanced academic concepts, cross-cultural perspectives, and hands-on business development, all in partnership with PJF. Successful candidates will leave not just with a venture ready to launch but with the invitation to deepen their impact in the extended program phase, fostering long-term change in the global marketplace with PJF’s support.

Future Leaders & Innovators Program (“FLIP”)

Join THINK Learning Studio’s FLIP Program in partnership with Project You, hosted at Dubai Futures Academy. Dive into a seven-week project-based design sprint in Urban Design, mentored by URB & THINK Global School and Project You. Master cutting-edge subjects, cultivate leadership skills, and immerse in Dubai’s vibrant culture. Be part of a global community mentored by industry experts. Apply now to transform your future.

Shaping The Learners of Tomorrow


Unlock the future of education with the Future Leaders and Innovators Program (FLIP), brought to you by THINK Learning Studio, Project You and URB. Immerse yourself in a curated curriculum covering Urban Design, AI, and more, with each module designed for hands-on learning and real-world impact. Benefit from expert-led Saturday sessions, virtual coaching, and an enriching network of peers to elevate your leadership skills and transform you into an industry-ready innovator.

Our Vision:

We envision a future where individuals are empowered to shape the world through informed decisions, innovative solutions, and ethical leadership. Our mission is to equip them with the diverse skills and adaptable knowledge needed to navigate complex challenges and create impactful change. Our hands-on modules are tailored to meet the demands of an ever-evolving global landscape.

Our Annual Tracks:

  • Urban Design & Placemaking (Coming 2024):

Sample Project: How can we create sustainable, culturally-relevant, and affordable desert housing solutions that adapt to the unique challenges and opportunities of its arid environment?

  • Tech-Frontiers & Artificial Intelligence (Coming 2024):

Sample Project: How can Artificial Intelligence be ethically and effectively implemented to address the unique socio-economic and environmental challenges facing the Middle East?


  • Digital Networks & Money Mechanics (Coming 2024):

Sample Project: How can data analytics and digital networks revolutionize governance in Dubai to create more efficient and responsive public services?

  • Environmental Systems & Biomimicry (Coming 2024):

Sample Project: How can the principles of biomimicry be integrated into architectural and environmental systems to create sustainable solutions?


Don’t just watch Dubai’s urban future unfold – be the driving force behind it. Remember, the future belongs to those who can imagine it. Join us in this transformative journey towards a smarter, more sustainable Dubai.

Incubator Labs for Youth Start-Ups

Welcome to the THINK Learning Studio Youth Incubator, an exciting platform where alumni and inspired students gather under the TLS-X umbrella to receive valuable mentorship for their projects. We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Ur-Ed, the first youth organisation from Morocco. Together, we aim to empower young innovators and nurture their transformative ideas for a brighter future.

Current Incubator, Future Leaders and THINK Learning Studio Futures Ready Stream Partners

THINK Learning Studio Futures Ready Middle Curriculum

Discover our comprehensive middle years  curriculum integration across American, British and International Schools. At THINK Learning Studio, we provide expert support to help students navigate the complexities of future facing curriculum pathways and help learners make informed decisions about their courses of study. Our partner schools will be launching Project-Based Learning experiences and labs based on the THINK Learning Studio Futures Ready Middle Curriculum that is tailored specifically for their own context, fostering self-paced developments as impactful as our own THINK Learning Studio Futures Ready Middle Curriculum in their chosen fields.

  Grades 7 – 9

THINK Learning Studio Futures Ready High Curriculum

Embrace the future of education transformation with our THINK Learning Studio Futures Ready High Curriculum . Our journey commenced as a pioneering traveling high school, driven by a bold vision to revolutionize education. For three remarkable years, we navigated the globe with a diverse cohort of students, spanning four countries annually. Our mission: to ignite a passion for interdisciplinary learning and cultivate a profound hunger for knowledge.

This extraordinary journey gave birth to our THINK Learning Studio Futures Ready High Curriculum — a revolutionary approach to Project-Based Learning. This curriculum empowers students to immerse themselves in real-world challenges, fostering not only academic excellence but also the critical skills and adaptability needed to thrive in an ever-evolving world.

  Grades 10 – 12

Educational Transformation Zones

At THINK Learning Studio, we believe in revolutionising education for a rapidly changing world. Our mission is to help build and design real-world learning experiences that empower students to make a positive impact. We will collaborate with school leaders and educators to create dynamic and innovative educational models. Our Transformative Learning Zones concept offers a solution to meet evolving needs, fostering curiosity, exploration, and purposeful impact in every student. Join us in shaping the future of education.

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