Categories and Conversations

Categories: Here are some core topics we’ll always explore together:

  • PBL Discovery: a great place to start your PBL journey.
  • PBL Odyssey: strategies for expanding your PBL practice.
  • PBL Deep Dives: whether looking at rubrics and assessments, iteration and prototyping, public presentations and showcases, scheduling and time implications, team roles and collaboration, connecting to standards, age- and grade-specific challenges, multi-disciplinary practice and professional coaching, partnering with the outside community or partners, or service-based learning or social impact programs, this is a chance to go ‘deep’ on specific topics.
  • Project Inspiration: amazing ideas to spark new possibilities.

Conversations: in general, we host two types of conversations:

  • Open for All: these are open to everyone in the community.
  • Private: these are invite-only spaces, generally tied to specific courses, limited-participant or paid events, or client project teams. If you are part of a private group (project, course, experience, topic group, etc), you will be sent access to that part of our platform.

To Register and Participate

  • Step 1 – Join: Use this link to visit our TLS community.
  • Step 2 – Profile: Create your global TLS community profile. Let others in the community learn about you and your real-world learning interests. Select how you’d prefer to receive notifications as community members engage topics, send you messages, etc.
  • Step 3 – Download + Bookmark: Download the Circle app to stay connected and receive updates on your phone or tablet. Bookmark site You can also stay up-to-date on your preferred laptop / desktop browser.
  • Step 4: Learn + Share: In general, share ideas, ask questions, seek resources, respond to messages, and connect with others in the global TLS community.

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