Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority

THINK Learning Studio collaborated with the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority to commemorate 20 years of the Reef Guardian Schools program through a remarkable professional development initiative for Reef Guardian School teachers. The Great Barrier Reef Place-Based Learning Discovery Workshop enriched teachers’ skills in delivering interdisciplinary, project-based, and place-based learning.

A Partnership for Positive Change

  • Empowering Educators THINK Learning Studio and GBRMPA’s collaboration provided a unique professional development opportunity, enabling teachers to immerse themselves in the wonders of the Great Barrier Reef. This immersive experience empowered educators to deliver innovative, project-based learning, fostering a deeper connection with the natural environment.
  • Inspiring Stewardship Through this program, educators developed a strong sense of environmental stewardship. The partnership encouraged teachers to create engaging educational resources and projects, cultivating a generation of Reef Guardian School Champions dedicated to preserving the reef and its ecosystem.
  • Driving Global Impact The THINK Learning Studio and GBRMPA partnership serves as a testament to the power of education in driving global change. By equipping educators with the tools, knowledge, and support they need, this collaboration created a ripple effect, inspiring the next generation to protect our planet and fostering a sustainable future.

Building a Community of Passionate Educators

Through this program, THINK Learning Studio and GBRMPA cultivated a network of passionate Reef Guardian School Champions. These educators, armed with new skills and knowledge, developed educational resources and projects for their schools, and committed to sharing their learnings with other teachers in their regions, creating a ripple effect of environmental stewardship and awareness.

Insights They Acquired

  • The Project Based Learning mindset—what it is, how it’s different, and how to get there
  • How to determine which type of project will work best for your students and learning objectives
  • The basic ingredients of the Project Based Learning framework
  • The Basic Assessment model
  • Practical strategies for team teaching and interdisciplinary collaboration
  • How the student portfolio serves students in assessing their academic progress
  • Student Rubrics: what they are and how to use them
  • Which type(s) of Learning Platforms will be most effective within your unique learning environment

Skills They Acquired

  • How to develop driving questions that relate to your location and current events
  • How to teach as a team, working with your fellow educators to formulate themes and collaborations for each project
  • How to plan a project from idea to implementation to final assessment
  • How to begin a process portfolio that can help you test and learn as you go

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