The 2nd Annual Hakuba Forum: Harnessing Global Perspectives and Creating Insights from the Field.

May 12, 2024 / 5 min. read

HAKUBA, Japan — In the incredible backdrop of Hakuba, beneath the peaks of the Northern Alps, there will be a gathering of minds brought together to spark conversations that are set to put into motion a range of global collaborations.

The Second Annual Hakuba Forum, an event celebrated for its take-action approach and diverse participation, will meet again to we hope, create not just inspiration but also design and prototype a series of actionable insights.

Our themes this year will expand from the core principle of schools as ‘Hubs of Happiness’, and will be, (1) Humanity in the age of AI, (2) What is global citizenship? (3) Ed-recovery post pandemic.

The founding team was fortunate, not just to receive the endorsement of Nagano Governor Abe (below), but also contemplate five key reflections from our first gathering in March, 2023, and are delighted to share these.

1. Engagement and Practicality
At the heart of the forum was a deep-seated commitment to not just theorize but also engage. Participants emphasized the practical aspects of the discussions, expressing a universal desire for sessions that not only inspired but offered clear, actionable paths forward.

“It’s about turning ideas into something tangible that we can take back to our communities,”

Shared one attendee, reflecting a common sentiment that theoretical knowledge should be coupled with practical application.

2. Community and Sharing
The forum acted as a melting pot for sharing rich experiences and unique perspectives.

From informal coffee chats to structured sessions, the air buzzed with stories of successes and lessons learned from the field.

“There’s a real power in sharing; you realize you’re not alone in your challenges.”

Mentioned another participant, highlighting the therapeutic and motivational aspect of community.

3. Global Networking and Team Building
What sets the Hakuba Forum apart was is its ability to draw professionals from all corners of the globe. The event acted as a bridge, connecting educators, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders, facilitating a network that transcends geographical and cultural boundaries.

“Networking here isn’t just about exchanging business cards; it’s about building lasting relationships that foster real change.”

A participant observed.

4. Learning and Participant Diversity
The diversity of attendees—from educators to tech innovators—enriched the learning environment. Each session provided a kaleidoscope of insights, driven by the varied backgrounds of its participants. This diversity not only enhanced learning but also encouraged attendees to think outside their conventional boxes, adopting a more holistic view of global issues.

5. Connections and Conversations
Perhaps the most poignant aspect of the forum was the depth of connections forged. In the era of rapid digital communication, the value of face-to-face conversations is irreplaceable. The connections at Hakuba we hope are made here not just for now, but for life, underscoring the lasting impact of personal interactions made during the forum.

As the curtains are poised to be opened again for the 2024 event, the previous year’s Hakuba Forum memories remain cherished, with the endless ideas and laughter, a testament to the event’s success in creating a space where educators and professionals could meet and concepts could prosper.

For those who attended, we are hopeful that the experience was more than just a conference; it was a beacon of hope and a workshop of possibility, set against the tranquil beauty of Hakuba.



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