Strategic Planning THINK Global School (TGS)

THINK Global School (TGS) is a ground-breaking high school offering students in grades ten through to twelve a once-in-a-lifetime international educational experience to travel and learn on a global scale. Students are immersed in twelve countries over three years, undertaking a challenging curriculum not only rooted in the pedagogy of Project-Based learning but also consisting of experiential place base studies in each location TGS visits.

What We Did

  • Changemaker Curriculum: We helped design a futures set of lenses to pair with the TGS award winning Changemaker Curriculum.
  • Modules: We assisted creating modules which were based on a futures-ready mindset, and aided the delivery of their Portfolio Based approach.

Meet the Team

  • Russell Cailey

    Russell Cailey


    Russell is CEO of THINK Learning Studio and co-founder of the Hakuba Forum, a ‘Top 100 Innovator in Education’ (GFEL,2021) and TEDx speaker.

    He is helping shape the future of education in collaboration with partners globally.

  • Chung Man Chan

    Chung Man Chan

    Managing Director

    Chung Man, a global educator, advocates project-based learning and futures thinking.

    Previously Head of Curriculum at TGS she now has developed over 1500 educational projects worldwide.

  • Maria Diaz de Leon

    Maria Diaz de Leon

    Head of Learning Design

    As a TGS Alumni few know the project-based and place-based approach better than Maria.

    Maria has delivered courses and training globally and experienced PBL across locations such as Botswana, India and Oman.

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