Future and Foresight in Dubai

September 23, 2022

THINK Learning Studio is excited to have been invited to attend the Dubai Future Forum in mid-October 2022 at the Museum of the Future in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

The inaugural event hosted by the Dubai Future Foundation, the Forum will host the largest gathering of futurists in the world convening over 400 of the world’s top futurists to Dubai to anticipate challenges, imagine opportunities, share foresight, and shape the future.

This year’s Forum will host 30 sessions focusing on four key themes: the Future of our World; Mitigating Existential Risk through Foresight; Value and Humanity; and Hedging our Bets through Foresight.

TLS will seek to contribute learnings from our foresight program delivered at our sister organization, THINK Global School.

During our annual Rite of Passage, when students enter the Changemaker program, learners are taught future / foresight skills which are then embed within their PBL program through reflections, skills, and evaluations.

From the TLS perspective, we wish to contribute to what the future of learning could look like, including core pillars from our Changemaker Program inclusive of service learning, mastery projects and modules on cutting-edge topics such as the Metaverse and Blockchain Technologies.


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