Discovery in Mumbai

September 23, 2022

The THINK Learning Studio recently completed our first “Discovery India” program, helping fifty Mumbai-based teachers take positive planning and design steps on their project-based learning journey.

Supported by Education World, the THINK Learning Studio was invited to guide this educational pedagogy to the forefront of teacher professional development across the region.

With a particular focus on project-based learning mindsets, processes, and tools, the August THINK Learning Studio “Discovery” immersive workshop experience offered a game-changing experience for educators seeking to position young people to adapt to a shifting future successfully. Throughout the 5-day immersive experience, participants actively engaged in human-centered design thinking activities by “being the student” in prototyping multidisciplinary and collaborative products.

Participants came from a range of highly reputed educational institutions, clearly demonstrating that educators across the region are ready to embrace change in curriculum design, implementation and assessment. Collaborative problem solving and group presentations showed that participating educators are already returning to their home schools as ‘Eduleaders’ and ‘Innovators’. As appropriate, each attendee committed to positioning themselves ready for the K-12 curriculum evolution that aligns with global shifts in business, technology, and other critical industries.


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