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September 20, 2022

The CREATIVITY IN MOTION Series — Session One | An Interdisciplinary World

Series Description:

The 3-part “Creativity in Motion” online series invites participants to explore interdisciplinary learning spaces, experiential interactions, and placed-based learning through (3) interactive 80-min sessions (see below) that blend guided activities, case studies, and genuine reflection.


Session One – An Interdisciplinary World

Duration: 80 Minutes

Seats: a limited number of 25 first-come/first-serve seats are available for this session.


Focus: Experiential Learning and Interdisciplinary Spaces

Participants will explore how to design and lead real-world learning expeditions and adventures which help students engage the world as an interconnected and ‘interdisciplinary system’.

Additional: Attending participants will be:

  • invited to an optional ‘Campfire Chat’ (hosted later in the same week) to provide the opportunity for participants to discuss follow-up ideas and questions.
  • provided priority ‘early access’ registration to the limited seat Session Two | Facilitating Creativity the following month.


Campfire Chat

Duration: 60 Minutes

Date: the Thursday following our session

Seats: invite-only for participants who attend Session One | An Interdisciplinary World

Focus: a casual conversation between facilitators and participants to explore ideas and questions that emerged within the previous session, particularly as it may apply to participants’ classrooms, programs, and schools. Additionally, we will be joined by a member of the studio’s international network who will share a story or project of their own.



The THINK Learning Studio collaborates with educators and schools around the world to design real-world, multidisciplinary learning models that empower today’s learners to make a purposeful impact in their communities and help shape our shared future.

Collectively, our team brings decades of experience leading experiential education, project based learning, and design thinking programs around the world. Most recently that includes developing the renowned Changemaker curriculum and teaching methodologies for our sister organization, THINK Global School, the world’s first traveling international high school.


Participants will be awarded a certificate of completion by the THINK Learning Studio.

Questions: contact the team via



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