Podcast Interview with Chris Lehmann, CEO of Science Leadership School network

September 9, 2022

Just sat down with Chris Lehmann, CEO of the Science Leadership Academy school network, to record our first episode of Season 1 of the “Wander & Wonder: Exploring the Future of Learning” podcast.

Inspiring conversation that focused on:

– exploring why the principal’s office should be physically located in the heart of a learning community, accessible to all by design

– the importance of inquiry-based / real-world learning to foster the “21st Citizenry that we all need”

– creating a “culture of caring” that serves both students and educators

– purposeful systems-based coaching (whether on the field / court or in the classroom / on campus)

– “standing on the shoulders of giants” in terms of ensuring a grounded educational philosophy that can innovate and adapt


– Chris’ passion for what makes Ultimate frisbee such a powerful team / player experience (and catalyst for learning).



Release Date: We’ll release Chris’ episode in early November.

All 13 episodes will be released over the month of November with short video snippets released daily M-TH and full episodes / transcripts each Friday.


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