Podcast Interview with Rosan Bosch, Renowned Global School Architect

September 23, 2022

An intense conversation about play, learning and design today with internationally renowned school architect Rosan Bosch — Founder and Creative Director of Rosan Bosch Studio https://rosanbosch.com/en/ (Copenhagen, Denmark and Madrid, Spain) as well as author of “Play to Learn: Designing for Uncertainty” and “Designing for a Better World Starts at School” — for our latest Season 1 episode of the “Wander & Wonder: Exploring the Future of Learning” podcast.

So many ideas to explore soon, including:

– the “Pedagogy of Play”

– What she and LEGO learned from each other as a result of collaborating on the design of the physical spaces where LEGO’s own designers create LEGO’s future products

– a few trends that she sees schools around the world finally starting to embrace which are leading to compelling physical learning spaces

– the natural human-centered challenges found within any truly transformative design project

– why Rosan believes: “Space isn’t the solution; it is a tool.”

– how you can’t force anyone to play but you can “train your playfulness”

– “Curiosity is the center of one’s motivation to learn.”

– how our bodies and senses connect us to the world around us: “If you move differently, you start to change how you think.”

– a question for school leaders: Do we treat our community as living, breathing creatures who need different things or do we treat them as efficient machines moving towards the same outcomes?

– why everyone – including teachers and administrators – need to learn how to fail in order to design better possibilities

– what Rosan means when she says: “Every project has its own story. No community is uniform.”


– how transforming schools is like learning to surf: it looks amazing and effortless from the beach but ultimately you just have to get up on the board, struggle, struggle more, struggle even more, stand up for a few brief seconds, fall in the water, then find your own motivation to keep trying.


Release Date: We’ll release Rosan’s episode in early November.

All 13 episodes will be released over the month of November with short video snippets released daily M-TH and full episodes / transcripts each Friday.


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