“The Art of Teaching” Podcast Sits Down With Russell

September 30, 2022

Managing Director Rus Cailey recently sat down for an informative and enjoyable conversation with Mathew Green, the host of “The Art of Teaching” Podcast.

They discussed many things about education and what the future could hold for our profession.

As Rus said:

“I often forget the joys of talking about the last ten years travelling the world with THINK Global School and all the great counties, cultures, and people we met and worked alongside.

Learning and growing through experiencing so many geographical places. Inclusive of building our Changemaker Cohort and Curriculum.”

Amongst many topics, Mathew and Rus discussed:

  • Origins and purpose of THING Global School.
  • Why we strategically created the THINK Learning Studio
  • How learning, life and assessment work in the “Changemaker Curriculum”.

We’ll let you know when Rus’ episode goes live.

In the meantime, check out Mathew’s other fantastic podcast guests. And subscribe to his show!


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