THINK Learning Studio and Hakuba International School – Press Release

March 29, 2023 / 5 minutes min. read

THINK Learning Studio and Hakuba International School
Host 4-Day Retreat For Top Education Leaders

The first-of-its-kind meeting explored themes in education, innovation and technology.

NEW YORK, NY (March 16, 2023) – Two pioneers in educational innovation, THINK Learning Studio and Hakuba International School, joined forces to host the first installment of the “Hakuba Forum.” This 4-day interactive retreat in the Northern Alps of Japan brought together leaders from top schools and education-focused organizations around the world spearheading innovative initiatives. The retreat took place from March 9-12, 2023.

With the inaugural theme of “Designing Schools as Centers of Well-Being,” participants coming from forward-thinking educational institutions such as Green School, The School of Humanity and the PAST Foundation discussed and explored the challenges facing education and society with an eye on how the collective place-based, project-based, design thinking and challenge-based learning movements can create the conditions for humanity to thrive.

“Creating unique spaces for authentic conversations on the future of learning is one of the main goals of THINK Learning Studio,” said Russell Cailey, Managing Director at THINK Learning Studio. “We hope that this collaboration will bring forward ideas that schools all over the world will be able to adapt into their own curriculums – and that leaders from those schools and partnering organizations will be able to join us in our next forum.”

THINK Learning Studio stemmed from the world’s first traveling high school, THINK Global School, a nonprofit focused on providing alternative, project-based learning to students on a global level to create well-rounded individuals who are prepared for the real world—not just their next test.

In partnership with Hakuba International School, THINK Learning Studio developed an immersive curriculum for participants to model, seeking to foster new and unique “regeneration” strategies for founders and leaders, along with the global learning communities and networks they support. Understanding the challenges faced by students and teachers all over the world, the Hakuba Forum pressed on the importance of having schools commit to enhanced problem-solving and decision-making methodologies, fostering an environment of adaptive creativity and innovation.

“This is a crucial time to further the momentum of transforming education in our present day,” said Christian Long, Chief Growth Officer at THINK Learning Studio. “Our schools have been developing alternative curriculums for quite some time. We believe now is the perfect moment to collaborate and share our knowledge with educators across the globe. To make real change requires that we share our findings and experiences with other changemakers, and we are committed to continuing the pursuit of alternative education practices that benefit students long after they leave the classroom.”

Learn more about the Hakuba Forum here.

Invitations and tickets for the two-part (four-day forum and two-day ‘Festival of Knowledge’) Hakuba Forum 2024 will be released soon; if you want to learn more about the Forum, contact the Think Learning Studio team at


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THINK Learning Studio collaborates with school leaders and educators around the world to design dynamic real-world learning models which seek to empower today’s learners to make purposeful impact in the future. Founded by educators from THINK Global School, the world’s first traveling high school, THINK Learning Studio has brought educational innovations for institutions all over the world.

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