Interview: “How to Drive System Transformation in Education”

August 26, 2022

The prototypes, designs, and solutions that the students come up with are incredible. You can’t help but to be inspired as an educator by what these young people can do when you give them the lead. Once the teachers and educators see how much the students fall back in love with learning and how much they begin to love their job again, navigating the initial discomfort becomes enjoyable and rewarding.

Building on global research led by Big Change (working with Teach For AllHundrEDorgRewirEd 2021 and others), Eva Keiffenheim asked Managing Director Russell Cailey about his work with THINK Global School and THINK Learning Studio.

They explored the school’s journey of transformation, new forms to assess and recognize learning, and how project-based learning and place-based learning tie to student agency.

You can read the full interview in the article here.


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