Studio Heading to India to Lead 5-Day Immersive Workshop for K-12 Educators

August 20, 2022

Our THINK Learning Studio team is heading to Mumbai, India to lead an exciting 5-day immersive workshop (modeled after our Discovery course) for a diverse range of K-12 Educators the week of August 23-27.

For our participants, the Discovery Workshop is the starting journey into the world of Project-Based Learning (PBL). Whether participants are experienced educators or just starting out, our professional development training program seeks to move each educator forward with practical skills they can apply to their classroom. Each will be able to choose the right level that caters to a specific need or goal in their classroom context.

Our human-centered experiences are intentionally shaped to help each participant develop core PBL competencies while reimagine their existing classroom and subject talents. Ultimately, the experience seeks to help all classroom educators (and school administrators) create the foundation to thrive in an era of constant education transformation.

This introduction largely focuses on project building and design, integrating this into student portfolios. Participants receive a general introduction to learning target options and assessment strategies. Additionally, an introduction to Headrush, our sister organization’s THINK Global School learning management system, is also explored.

Participants can receive one credit through our partner universities.




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