Free “Experiential Creativity – Learning for the Real World” Webinar Series

August 8, 2022

The THINK Learning Studio is delighted to announce that our FREE “Experiential Creativity – Learning for the Real World” webinar series will launch this October.

These three 80-minute blocks of learning will be focused on:

  • Session 1: An Interdisciplinary World — Oct 4th — Participants will explore how to design and lead real-world learning expeditions and adventures which help students engage the world as an interconnected and ‘interdisciplinary system’.
  • Session 2: Facilitating Creativity — TBA
  • Session 3: Design Engaging Excursions and Incursions — TBA

Registration is limited to (25) participants for each session.

An optional ‘Campfire Chat’ (hosted later in the same week) will be provided for previous session participants to discuss follow-up ideas and questions.

Three separate ‘time zone’ sessions will be scheduled for Session 1: An Interdisciplinary World:

  • Register for the Americas session — Tuesday, Oct 4 — 6:30pm-8:00pm EDT
  • Register for the Middle East  session — Tuesday, Oct 4 — 6:30pm-8:00pm Gulf Standard Time / United Arab Emirates Time
  • Register for the Asia session — Tuesday, Oct 11 — 4:30m-6:30pm Singapore Standard Time

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