Article: “Is Project-Based Learning Emerging?” & Changing Education Frameworks

August 1, 2022

As our THINK Learning Studio talks to more educational leaders, we are always excited by the enthusiasm around innovative curriculum design. As much as we want to see a more significant shift away from terminal exams, this gives us much hope for the future.

It’s easy to be a doom monger, but so much good work is being conducted within institutions that care deeply about student learning.

My recent Atime in Queensland gave me one real-world example when I saw the dedication and excitement of Jack Treby and the team who launched the Global Competencies Framework.

That inspired me to ask (maybe jumping the gun somewhat):

“Are we now seeing an actual shift towards new curriculum models, as many education leaders see that learners are so much more than a 2-hour exam?”

To learn how I explore the question, read my article.

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