Micro-Masterclass – Mastery Projects: Showcasing Student Expertise

August 22, 2022

Event Description:

Embark on a transformative learning journey with our “Mastery Projects: Showcasing Student Expertise” course. This immersive session is dedicated to exploring the effective design and implementation of mastery projects. It is a progressive approach to education that allows students to demonstrate their understanding and proficiency in various subjects.

In this two-hour interactive course, we’ll navigate through the key stages of creating a mastery project, focusing on identifying clear objectives, the creation of robust assessment rubrics, and developing compelling presentation skills. We’ll also look at strategies for providing meaningful feedback, a critical component that drives student improvement.

The course offers practical insights into creating a conducive learning environment that motivates students to dive deep into their subjects of interest, fostering a sense of ownership, self-confidence, and an inherent desire for knowledge.

Designing mastery projects highlighting students’ unique abilities and interests enables a dynamic shift from traditional evaluation methods to a more personalized, competency-based assessment. This approach strengthens students’ grasp of subjects and helps them develop crucial real-world skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, and communication.

Whether you’re an experienced educator looking to innovate your teaching approach or a novice teacher seeking effective assessment methods, this course promises a wealth of knowledge that will redefine your educational practice. Join us and discover the potential of mastery projects in enriching your curriculum and empowering your students.


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