EduHacking Teacher Fatigue

January 3, 2024 / 4 min. read

An Educator’s Protocol for Getting Over Curriculum Fatigue

As educators, this term we’ll face some form of ‘Curriculum Fatigue’ – that feeling of exhaustion from teaching the same material or using the same methods. Here’s a creative eduhacker protocol I’ve created, adapted for educators looking to rejuvenate their passion for teaching:

Embrace the Discomfort: Acknowledge the burnout without trying to escape it. If you ignore it, it only grows. Face it head-on, and you set the stage for genuine growth.

Revitalize Your Approach: If your teaching methods feel stagnant, refresh your approach. Dive into new research, incorporate technology, or reshape your curriculum. Aim to create an ‘Educational Fitness Index’ that reflects your renewed passion and engagement. Try to get “buy-in” from your department and faculty.

Professional Development Boost: This could be the perfect time to seek further education or mentorship. Like optimized training under expert supervision, professional development can invigorate your teaching with new perspectives and energy.

Network and Collaborate: Step out of your comfort zone. Engage with peers, join educational forums, or attend workshops. The social interaction can work wonders. Embrace LinkedIn, post your content and ideas out into the world, and ignore any hate and negativity.

Optimize Your Educational Neurochemistry: Balance your mental and emotional state.

Here’s a stack for teachers:

  • A daily dose of inspirational reading (to kickstart ideas). Ideas, please?
  • Regular ‘me-time’ to decompress (gym, meditation, what else do you do for quick-fix decompressions?)
  • Journaling to reflect on teaching experiences and victories (be positive here).
  • A gratitude practice to remind yourself of the joys of teaching.
  • Creative hobbies to keep your brain engaged and happy. Don’t get bogged down personally away from the classroom; create some space.

Remember, this phase could be a disguised blessing if used correctly. It can be the motivation you need to reinvent your teaching style and become an edupreneur within your team. Try to imagine looking back at this moment as the turning point when you chose to grow stronger.


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