“Shape Your Future” : the TLS Foresight Lab

Where students, educators, entrepreneurs, and professionals creatively analyze emerging trends in order to purposefully and creatively shape the future.

Foresight is about noticing signals and scenario design, not predicting the future.

It is a powerful mindset and toolkit for young minds and adult mentors, as well as problem solvers and creatives of all types.

There is no single future.

There are, however, infinite possibilities and scenarios to explore.

Foresight (and Futures Thinking) practices use our creative imaginations to recognize diverse signals and subtle patterns unfolding all around us.

More specifically, Foresight (and Futures Thinking) help us imagine and test a range of scenarios so that we may become active designers of the future(s) we desire, as well as develop the ability to confidently respond to emergent and unpredictable futures.

What makes this practice particularly powerful for young people is that it embraces natural curiosity and counterintuitive thinking. For educators, it brings together all disciplines and perspectives, as well as empathy and critical thinking. And for all professionals and entrepreneurs, it provides an added layer of research, ideation and prototyping necessary to produce positive impact in the world around us.

THINK Learning Studio is proud to be a member of the Association of Professional Futurists.

Our initial partnerships focus is on three elements:

  • a custom-built, one or two-year-long program designed to support international career-related programs with school leadership.
  • strategic ‘discover-and-design’ challenges that can be experienced as single events or as an entire series of experiences with our entrepreneurial partners.
  • advanced professional development for educators and professionals interested in expanding their ‘Foresight’ practices with our ‘Foresight in Leadership’, ‘Foresight in Sustainability’, and ‘Deep-Dive’ courses.

TLS Foresight Lab: Time-Traveler’s Bootcamp for Beginners


Welcome to the TLS Foresight Lab: Your Two-Day Journey into the Future!

Ready to take your curiosity to new heights and unlock the secrets of shaping tomorrow? Embark on a thrilling adventure at our TLS Foresight Lab, where you’ll dive deep into the art and science of foresight!


Day One: Fast-Track to Futures Thinking

1️⃣ Unlock the mysteries of futures thinking and foresight, getting to know their key concepts and principles.

2️⃣ Flex your creative muscles with hands-on tools and techniques like scenario planning and trend analysis.

3️⃣ Apply your newfound knowledge in real-world scenarios, from innovative entrepreneurship to game-changing case studies.


Day Two: Shaping Tomorrow, Today

1️⃣ Discover your power to shape the future, embracing agency and empowerment in all aspects of life.

2️⃣ Unravel the potential impacts of groundbreaking tech and climate change through hands-on exploration.

3️⃣ Collaborate in group activities to tackle future challenges, creating inclusive, sustainable futures for all.

At TLS, we’re passionate about shining a light on the hidden signals and patterns that’ll revolutionize our world. Our Foresight Lab empowers you with foresight methods like scenario planning, horizon scanning, and more to stay ahead of the curve.


Embrace the Future with TLS Foresight Lab!

Don’t miss this chance to master the skills and insights needed to navigate the future. Reach out today.


Foresight Adventure Bytes: Power-Up Your Business & Schools


Discover the Foresight Funhouse: Bite-Sized Adventures into Tomorrow’s World!

Unveiling our exclusive Foresight Rapid Industry Modules – a collection of snackable, tailor-made journeys to catapult you into the future!

These mini-modules are crafted to delight and amaze, pushing the boundaries of your assumptions and delivering a playful, yet powerful, learning experience tailored to your domain.


Rapid Industry Modules: Your Ticket to the Future

1️⃣ “Can We Predict Tomorrow?” – Put your psychic powers to the test!

2️⃣ “Multiverse of Industries” – Explore countless futures for your field!

3️⃣ “Strategic Treasure Hunt” – Sniff out opportunities and outsmart threats!

4️⃣ “Foresight Fanatics” – Ignite a culture of foresight in your organization!

5️⃣ “Align and Conquer” – Harmonize foresight with your strategic industry goals!

6️⃣ “Success Stories” – Learn from real-world foresight triumphs in business and education!

7️⃣ “Foresight Fusion” – Discuss the importance of blending foresight into organizational culture and long-term planning.


Join the Foresight Funhouse & Conquer the Future!

Stay ahead of the game and equip yourself for tomorrow with our captivating Rapid Industry Modules. Reach out today to discover how we can customize these modules to suit your unique needs, propelling you to thrive in an ever-evolving world!


Advanced Foresight Champions: Empowering Leaders & Eco-Innovators


Master the Future: Foresight Academy for Leaders & Eco-Warriors

Ready to conquer tomorrow’s challenges and champion a greener world? Our Foresight Academy offers advanced courses tailored to empower leaders and sustainability advocates with cutting-edge strategies and tools!


Foresight for Fearless Leaders

1️⃣ Harness strategic foresight and level up your decision-making, inspired by the OECD Report.

2️⃣ Tackle global challenges with foresight prowess.

3️⃣ Synchronize foresight with your strategic vision to become a trailblazing leader.

4️⃣ Learn from real-world success stories of foresight-driven leaders.


Foresight for Sustainability Superheroes

1️⃣ Craft strategies to tackle sustainability risks and seize golden opportunities.

2️⃣ Weave sustainability into decision-making and gauge progress with key metrics.

3️⃣ Study case studies of businesses that flawlessly integrated sustainability into their models.

4️⃣ Detect and evaluate emerging trends and tech that could reshape your business’s eco-impact.

5️⃣ Design a roadmap to make your company a beacon of sustainable practices and goals.

Embark on the Ultimate Foresight Adventure

Join us on this exhilarating quest to forge a sustainable future. Reach out today to uncover the secrets of our Foresight Academy’s advanced courses!


“Mars Landing”: Building a Sustainable Colony – Design Sprint for Educators and Students


“Mars Landing” Workshops – Igniting a Passion for STEM

Are you seeking a distinctive and engaging experience to motivate students or professionals to consider careers in STEM? Our “Mars Landing” workshops offer just that.

We have meticulously designed these workshops, which can be conducted in-person or virtually and span one or two days, to immerse participants in the thrilling realm of Mars exploration and colonization. Learn about mission planning, launch and landing procedures, and traverse the Martian surface just as the Perseverance Rover did.

Participants will take the reins of their own Mars mission in an interactive, hands-on experience that delves into the intricacies of Mars exploration while honing valuable STEM skills.

Our “Mars Landing” workshops are ideal for educators and professionals seeking to broaden their knowledge and inspire their students to pursue STEM careers. This unparalleled experience is guaranteed to kindle a passion for space exploration and STEM in all attendees.

Don’t miss the chance to encourage the next generation of scientists and engineers. Contact us today to discover more about our “Mars Landing” workshops.

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