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THINK Learning Studio is a dynamic professional training center offering workshops, expeditions, and consulting services to help educators and schools inspire interdisciplinary project-based learning around the world.

We Don’t Just Teach Project- Based Learning—We Live It.

Through our work with THINK Global School, the world’s only traveling secondary school, we’ve developed dynamic project-based learning curricula and methodologies that emphasize academic rigor, real-world inquiry, place-based learning, and evidence-based best practices.

And that empower learners’ curiosities and passions.

We help our partners achieve their real-world, inquiry-based educational goals within short online courses, multi-day immersive workshops, and innovative cohort expeditions. We also work directly with leadership teams to create all-school strategies, initiatives, and structures.

Curiosity Anywhere. Learning Everywhere.
Impact Right Here.

Learning Pathways

Whether you’re seeking a comprehensive transformation for yourself, your school, or your networks, our for-credit courses and customized consultancy give you the tools and techniques to support inquiry-based learning.

Courses and Workshops for Educators

Gain a solid foundation in Project-Based Learning, or deepen your practice with advanced, topic-specific workshops.


Learn how to design and implement projects, and explore the core tenets of place-based learning and the student portfolio.


Dive deeper into student assessments and teacher observation, and further develop your own teacher-led projects.

Deep Dive

Refine learning targets, create a process portfolio, and join a network of educators who have completed over 100 hours of training.

Find In-Person Project-Based Learning Courses

We offer courses around the world where progressive educators can connect to learn critical 21st-century skills.


We’ve tested our experience by supporting over 1,500 teacher-and student-led projects worldwide and distilled our real-world insights into a set of comprehensive tools and adaptive standards that can be put to work right away – no matter your vision, setting, or program.

How Project-Based Learning Consulting Works

There are several ways you can partner with THINK Leaning Studio to bring project-based learning consulting to your educational community:

How it works?

Ways you can partner with THINK Leaning Studio to bring project-based learning consulting to your educational community:

  • Option 1: Share with us your goals for expanding your current project-based learning culture and programs. Collaborate with us to make your future-facing vision a reality.
  • Option 2: Share with us your vision for piloting ways to connect your students and faculty to real-world learning opportunities. Work with us to create a foundation of training, structures and programs.
  • Option 3: Join a dynamic cohort of international school teams coming together for a year of interactive training and collaboration, culminating within an innovative project incubator program.

Who We’ve Worked With

See What Our Community has to Say

  • Brett Jacobsen

    CEO, The Mount Vernon School / Mount Vernon Ventures, United States

    “Partnering with THINK Learning Studio was a creative, challenging, and impactful experience from beginning to end.”

  • Cristhian Andres Vesga Bermejo

    Professor of the Financial Engineering program, UNAB, Colombia

    “Embrace uncertainty. Let go. Focus on the process and not the end result. I would recommend this course because it’s a great tool for any class. Everyone should apply. ”

  • Pinki Biswas

    Vice Principal, Vibgyor High, India

    “An amazing workshop on PBL with amazing people!! 5 days of sheer excitement and team work!”

  • Kevin Ruth

    Founder / Managing Director, Westlake Global, United States; (former) Chief Executive, ECIS (Educational Collaborative for International Schools)

    “THINK Learning Studio is exactly what we need, when we need it. With contagious passion they are forging new ways to think and learn together: they are built to lead this era.”

  • Camila Andrea Jaime De Aguas

    Middle School Teacher, Caldas Institute School, Colombia

    “I have learned that you really have to take into account the context, phenomenon and place in which you’re doing PBL experience, so the students have a clear basis of what the purpose is and that what they’re doing has a value.“

  • Christopher Balme

    Founding Principal, Hakuba International School, Japan

    “THINK Learning Studio is bringing one of the most innovative curricula in the world to more schools, with projects that help students connect to the world and to themselves in unforgettable ways. I could not be more excited about it!”

  • Juan Carlos Mantilla García

    Professor of Sociohumanistic Studies & Creative Consultant, UNAB, Colombia

    “I learned that we can develop deep content by not focusing on the content but on the project. My clear personal and professional role is to be able to open my mind to new methodologies that can be applied to the subject that I already use in my classes and in my research.“

  • Dan Kinzer

    Founder, Pacific Blue Studios, Hawai’i

    “THINK Learning Studio is an invitation into a place and a community unafraid to be bold and adventurous in co-creating the learning ecosystems that humanity needs and has been waiting for. For me, it’s a hope that our current and future generations will have the power, compassion, courage and tools we need to thrive and care for one another and our one blue planet.”

  • Craig Vezina

    Co-founder & CEO, The Spaceship Academy

    “It would be hard to imagine greater education sherpas when it comes to highly engaging, meaningful & robust project-based learning design. Moreover, the team at TLS is amazing to collaborate with – great listeners, adept facilitators and world-class professionals in every respect.”

  • Dave Faulkner

    Chief Executive Officer – EC by Go1

    “The EC by Go1 team has had the privilege of working and partnering with THINK Learning Studio team over a number of years now. This team knows and lives project-based learning and how to design deep and impactful learning for students across the world. We are proud to have them as an EC Premium Content provider and would highly recommend anyone who has the opportunity to learn with and from them to do so!”

  • Melissa Lane

    Reef Guardian School Program Manager

    “Think Learning Studio delivered one of the most engaging educational and professional learning workshops I have ever attended. Informative content, knowledgeable presenters, and a variety of team challenges kept all participants fully present and immersed in the learning journey.”

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