Project-Based Learning Consulting for Schools

Expand your school’s active learning culture and make Project-Based Learning a core foundation of your educational DNA.

Your Curriculum for Your Future

We work with our partner schools to:

  • update and expand existing project-based learning structures and programs.
  • establish a foundation for taking first steps into Project-Based Learning.
  • custom design entirely new strategies and initiatives to support future-facing, real-world learning visions and goals.
  • facilitate cohorts of schools sharing and developing best practices within an innovative incubator model across the globe.

Sprint: Curriculum (Re)Design

Duration: Eight weeks

Focus: Through this strategic consultation process, we’ll assess your current curriculum and learning culture. We then help you identify where you want to go—valuing what makes your school unique and respecting your history, but also helping future-proof your curriculum.

We’ll teach you how to best utilize your human capital and give you tools to help your staff embrace Project-Based Learning through interdisciplinary practices.


  • On-campus visit from a THINK Learning Studio consultant
  • Analysis and feedback on your existing programs and processes
  • Targeted teacher coaching
  • Ongoing research, studio work, and virtual feedback

Program Audit & Strategic Roadmap

Duration: One school year

Focus: For schools that have already implemented significant project-based learning methodologies, we will conduct a thorough audit of your existing programs and learning culture to provide extensive analytical feedback along with a roadmap for professional development and strategic program recommendations.


  • Leadership strategy for supporting program expansion
  • Targeted professional development within key departments and grade levels
  • One-on-one and team coaching
  • Option: join a global, multi-school cohort model for advanced peer-to-peer learning

Consulting: Leadership for Longterm Sustainability

Duration: Three school years

Focus: This customized, multi-level consulting approach partners with your school’s leadership and teaching teams to integrate comprehensive project-based learning strategies, structures, programs, and professional development processes designed to adapt and scale.

We’ll work together to analyze, design, prototype, and refine programs targeted to your learning population, and co-create a future-facing project-based learning program, mission, and vision to support your school. 


  • Learning program design and prototyping
  • Ongoing research, meetings, and development presentations
  • One-on-one and group coaching
  • A train-the-trainer model to support long-term sustainability 

Workshops: On-Campus Professional Development

Duration: 3-5 days

Focus: In our immersion workshops for schools, we’ll customize one of our signature Discovery, Odyssey, or Deep Dive courses to your school’s unique needs.

Our expert educators come to you to educate, energize, and inspire your faculty, staff, and leadership, then continue the journey by exploring how to embed project-based learning methods and mindsets across your school.


  • Four-hour online course prep for participants
  • 3-5 days of in-person workshops
  • Creation of individual Process Portfolios and a customized project-based learning module 
  • 10 hours of post-workshop online support

Global Incubator: Multi-School Innovation Cohort

Duration: One school year

Focus: Multidisciplinary teams of 4-5 faculty or staff from 10 schools will participate in a year-long, collaborative professional development process and innovative project incubator.

Through a combination of on-site workshops and virtual learning, you’ll design and prototype a new project-based learning initiative to bring to your schools.

Incubator cohort graduates are invited to join our Global Professional Learning Community, which includes members-only research opportunities, resources, and programming.


  • One two-day, in-person cohort event and immersive workshop per semester
  • A virtual 15-week semester version of our signature Discovery and Odyssey courses
  • A virtual 15-week semester PBL incubator and initiative start-up program
  • Ongoing coaching for all teams

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Let’s build something just for you.

After years of transforming the original THINK Global School curriculum to support educators and students in an ever-changing world, we’re pros at turning the unexpected into valuable learning opportunities.

No matter your resources or context, we’ll work together to shape a unique project-based learning culture centered on what makes your learning community one of a kind.

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