TLS talks Project-Based Learning to the AOT Podcast

November 13, 2022 / 3 min. read


This week, THINK Learning Studio (TLS) talked with Mathew Green from the Art of Teaching Podcast, based in Australia.


Russell and Mathew spoke about the emergence over the last decade of Think Global School (TGS) and the creation in the previous year of the Think Learning Studio. In addition what the Studio is doing to help educators transition to non-traditional methods, especially the art of teaching project-based learning (in the form of its experiences).


Mathews podcast has taken the education world by storm over the last twelve months, with the Art of Teaching podcast interviewing some of the biggest names from the Australian system.  His podcast discusses the development of teaching methodology in the ever-changing world and how we can help learners adapt and thrive.


Other topics covered were the art of teaching student agency, voice and choice. They also got into a deep discussion on why age-based cohorts should be obsolete.


Listen here. Apple Podcast | Russell w/ Art of Teaching Podcast


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