• Mon, Jul 3rd, 2023 - Fri, Jul 7th, 2023

“Discovery” PBL Course | Budapest, Hungary

Immerse yourself in project-based learning in the beautiful city of Budapest, Hungary

“Discovery” Course in Project-Based Learning

Location: Budapest, Hungary

Dates: 3rd-7th July

Course Description:

Our TLS “Discovery Workshop in Project-based Learning starts your PBL journey to actively engage students in purposeful learning to explore complex challenges and real-world problems.

As the PBL educator, your role shifts to that of a mentor, providing appropriate project guidance as your students develop a process portfolio, product, and public presentation.

This immersive professional development training course in Madrid, Spain provides an excellent opportunity for educators to learn about Project-based and Place-based Learning methods that focus on hands-on, real-world experiences that allow students to apply their knowledge in meaningful ways:

  • learning target options
  • ‘context of place’ as it relates to student project work
  • project building and design
  • assessment and reflection strategies
  • Headrush, the TGS (THINK Learning School) learning management system
  • analyzing successful PBL projects
  • integrating PBL concepts into existing curriculum
  • benefits of PBL including increased engagement, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills


Why Budapest:

This Budapest-based course has been designed to purposefully let participants immerse themselves in the city and learn about its unique history and culture, while inspiring new ideas for PBL experiences that can be tested in any school community.

Specifically, participants will:

  • better understand Budapest’s history and culture, which could enrich lesson plans and provide students with a more well-rounded education
  • learn about the education system in Hungary and see how it compares to the education system in their own country.
  • learn about Budapest’s local culture and customs to broaden horizons that can inspire new ideas for teaching and learning
  • network with other educators and learning from their experiences could lead to new professional opportunities
  • have a unique and memorable life experience that they can share with their students, which could enhance the classroom environment and make learning more engaging and exciting

Course Duration:

The course is taught over 35 hours.

  • 5 hours online
  • 30 hours in-person


The THINK Learning Studio collaborates with educators and schools worldwide to design real-world, multidisciplinary learning models that empower today’s learners to make a purposeful impact in their communities and help shape our shared future.

Our team collectively brings decades of experience leading experiential education, project-based learning, and design thinking programs worldwide. Most recently, that includes developing the renowned PBL-focused “Changemaker” curriculum and teaching methodologies for our sister organization, THINK Global School, the world’s first all-travelling, all-PBL, college-prep, international high school.

Credit & Awards:

Participants who take our Discovery Course in Project-Based learning will be awarded a certificate of completion by the THINK Learning Studio and an Award from the Academy of Leadership and Management. Participants can receive one credit through our partner universities.


Contact our team to apply for the course and questions via:

  • studio@thinkglobalschool.com
  • our LinkedIn feed

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