"Its unlikely the quality of an education system will overtake the quality of its teachers”

Managing Director

Russell Cailey

Let’s Meet Russell!

Russell is the Managing Director and architect of the THINK Learning Studio, was voted one of the top 100 Global Visionaries in Education (GFEL, 2021), and is an awardee of Dubai Culture.

He was born in Manchester, England and went to school at the University of Southampton (Hampshire). He is super passionate about Cricket, Formula 1, and Manchester United. His motto is “travel to learn” and is currently growing his skillset in the technology industry.

He loves the part of his current role which is focused on partnership building and is a LinkedIn junkie. He loves writing and presenting, and sharing his ideas with enthusiastic audiences, whether speaking at the Dubai ReWired Festival, GESS Turkey summit, or the DEi Conference, Melbourne. Overall he loves making people fall in love with new futuristic educational methodologies that highlight we are all human, vulnerable and imperfect.

You will find Russell either strategically planning for the growth of the THINK Learning Studio or observing people disrupting the current educational model. His specialities are within understanding the transformative professional development and strategic methods needed to encourage interdisciplinarily, and real-world learning and new educational product development.


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