"Its unlikely the quality of an education system will overtake the quality of its teachers”

CEO & Co-Founder

Russell Cailey

Let’s Meet Russell!

Russell, a dynamic and visionary educator, has embarked on a global journey that has shaped his unique perspective. From his hometown in Manchester to the futuristic city of Dubai, he has accumulated over a decade of experience with the world’s first traveling high school.

As the Managing Director and visionary behind THINK Learning Studio (TLS), Russell is on a mission to revolutionize the education industry. Recognized as a Top 100 Global Visionary in Education by GFEL in 2021, he is committed to positioning TLS as a beacon of innovation and inspiration for educators worldwide, challenging traditional norms.

With a strong educational foundation from the University of Southampton, Russell’s passions extend beyond the classroom to cricket, Formula 1, and supporting Manchester United. He is an avid learner and actively engages with the vibrant LinkedIn community.

Russell’s expertise lies in professional development, strategic planning, and the creation of cutting-edge educational products. TLS offers a range of transformative experiences such as TLS Discovery, TLS Odyssey, and TLS Deep Dive. He frequently shares his insights at prestigious events like ReWired Festival, Dubai Future Forum, DEi Brisbane & Mumbai, and GESS Oman & Turkey. Russell also collaborates with government projects, including Australia’s Great Barrier Reef Authority.

Beyond his role at TLS, Russell is a co-founder of the Hakuba Forum, ForesightLab.org, and EduVue.ai. In 2023, he is thrilled to expand these initiatives and foster further growth. Additionally, Think Learning Studio empowers young startups in the education sector through the TLS Incubator, with their first project, Ur-ed.com, already making waves.

Join Russell on this transformative journey as he leads the charge in reshaping education and empowering the next generation of learners and innovators.


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